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TJ Oct. 9


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Sund. Oct. 9:  Nice practice today and yesterday.  Went back to stage 1 week 14.  Really starting to gel my head into these concepts of neutrality, ease, and recognize.  Sifu went over maintaining neutral engagement at point of contact when talking about the 3 dimensions at point of contact and making the polarity switches.  When talking about limits, the threshold line is so small, it's very easy to just go a bit past it.  As soon as it's over done, even a fraction of an inch, the quality is gone.  This holds true when doing any exercise.  Doing waving today and finding the shoulder hip line, and sternum line, and the neutral line at the point of contact on the floor at the feet, as well as at the crown.....   projecting the hands just a bit too much at the end and the mingmen is no longer fueling the movement and the arms and shoulders are out there all by themselves, absorbing to the point past the end of the hip roll and breaking the crown energy and neutral at the feet and the weight goes to the toes and the torso is dis-connected from the lower body.  Also, keeping the neutral within the body as well, trying to "make" the shapes especially on some of the wiping drills and bitter pill and the joints are no longer connected, but instead allowing the tugging and projecting deep inside to work on its own and the limbs and hands and feet change themselves.  And this too is a subtle and fine space that can be over-done and immediately the body isn't connected and the movements are all independent and by themselves (dantian and mingmen disappear, crown collapes,etc.).  These exercise movements begin very small, and when done connectedly and linked up the body (my body) is very restricted because I'm still not opened enough and it will be a while, but the biggest lesson to learn for me I feel is to learn to keep the neutral enough to allow that restricted movement to be enough.  That is to say that in order to maintain neutral and the principles maybe my arms and hands can only go out on project this much, and then allow that much to be enough and my limit and not trying to extend just a bit more or feeling the power coming from the mass and mingmen and letting it reach its end without wanting to make a little more power at the end and lose the link up, getting the muscles involved, etc.  Keeping neutral is as much (it seems to me) an exercise in trusting that even though at this point my body and skills aren't all the way "there" yet, they will be at some point, and accepting where my neutral boundaries are and allowing myself to be within them and for these things to manifest within that space, and not trying to create "more" because I "think it's supposed to be more".  This I think is the process of "GOM", it seems like the first step of recognizing and realizing and accepting those limits as they are, and allowing them to become more as they will naturally through training, and not "making" them more.


'Things as they are' is the beginning and end of the cycle of training progression. Building on this in the brain take time, precision and bitter work. Use I, Chi, and Li to go deeper. Good job!