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TJ Nov. 23


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Tues. Nov. 23:  Good day today training.  Although, I re-realized something that I keep having to realize again and again:  "Exactly as teacher says.....", this is something that I should tatoo backward on my forehead.  For months and months I've wondered why I kept the tension coming up the back of the body, and why although I was dropping the perineum, I could still tell that my low back was wanting to bunch up and my pecs were trying to engage most of the time keeping my 'stuff' up in the chest at times. And I could feel a smidgin' of the knees a lot of the time too and they would get sore or tired.  Also, my standing would go maybe ten minutes and I'd be so frustrated and tense that I couldn't go on....

Well, I looked again at the thirteen, and there it was (miss one and miss them all of course) DROP the shoulders over the hips!  Keyword being 'drop', I however was 'keeping' my shoulders somewhere above my hips, and most of the time bringing them slightly forward tilting my weight to the toes clamping up the back and having to use my chest to compensate, which naturally eliminated the yang expansion from mingmen down the outsides of the legs and point 8 didn't even exist.  Today, I noticed it for some reason right at the beginning, so i worked today's practice around the dropping of the shoulders directly over the hips, and everything was great.  The yang surfaces went all the way down.  And I noticed something else during standing... I was having trouble opening my back and keeping the back of the neck open (cervical) because I had forgotten something Sifu had taught us time and time again in stage 1... drop the perineum on inhale, raise the crown to exhale.  About ten minutes into standing, around the time that I was losing my mind, I remembered this for some reason, and after a few breaths things started to adjust themselves and fall into place, the tension disappeared, and the cervical opened up and expanded on the yang, the crown raised and the front dropped off and softened, the toes wrapped and the back of the pelvic floor finally filled up and became full as the shoulders let go and the back expanded and opened and kept going, while of course the elbows wrapped downward.  It was a feeling of 'finally, this is what was missing', and also one of 'God, why couldn't i have just done this months ago, i wonder how much practice time i've wasted' but I tried not to think that way. 

So what I confirmed once again today is this.... there's nothing to figure out, it's all there, and when Sifu says to do 'this' and do it 'this way' it means exactly what he said and how he said it, and then just do the work.