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Practice caused agitation


Just finished a practice (Stage 1 week five and six material). Started and finished with Bitter Pill and Harvesting. Must be doing something wrong. Alignment must be off? Ended practice and shortly felt very agitated. It's not anything I can't handle, but definitely made me feel agitated and irritated. Any suggestions?



I know I'm not Sifu, but your post hit home with a big issue that has been plaguing my own training since stage 1.  It seems like specifically Bitter Pill gets me out of my mind, almost to the point of pulling my hair out, completely frustrated and angry. I've asked Sifu about it many, many times and each time he instructed me that this was caused by my allowing the energy to get too high in the body (as in above the middle dantian), and to keep it down. 

You are much more experienced than I, so this may not be specifically the case with you, I'm not sure where the lines are.  But keeping everything down helps me to keep this from happening.  Also, I notice that the energy wants to stay up if I'm not adhering to 'perineum dropping down to balance beam line' and 'energy kept on center of hips'. 

I hope this at least makes you feel better, I know I feel better knowing that I'm not the only one who's experienced this.


Energy must stay down to circulate.

Feel your feet when training. Drop, release and relax.

Have fun! Rest.