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TJ Dec. 12


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Mon. Dec. 12:  The new warm-ups from last week are unbelievable.  And doing them, I noticed something that Sifu brought to my attention about my structure I hadn't noticed this whole time...  I hadn't been suspending the crown from above, I had been suspending it from above and slightly forward.  This was causing a lean in my upper torso, throwing the angle between my hips and mingmen and shoulders/ mid-thoracic way off.  This was also pushing my weight high in the body and making the yang not release.  And I wondered why I could never get my perineum pointed down to the balance beam line, it was always slightly behind it.  I wondered also why I wasn't feeling the stretch in the fascia in the places Sifu had mentioned, they were other places.  When I stopped and went through my posture I realized that my crown hadn't been pointing up, that it was reaching forward.  It changed the entire dynamic of my structure, and my gravity force finally was going straight through and not getting stuck on the way down in various places.   So when doing the warm-ups I noticed the stretch went all the way through the body from crown to bottom of the feet, and it felt great.  It's a very strange and nice feeling, like you're getting in between the muscle fibers. 

But, with the better structure also came the realization that my range of motion and connected range is not nearly what I thought it was.  Especially in the hips, psoas and IT band.  When going down in squatting position I was going all the way down, but now that I'm better linked up I can barely go down at all, and turning and rotating is just maybe a few degrees.  It lets me know that my body still has a very long road ahead. But I feel that these warm-ups are going to do the trick.  But I'm glad I found this out, even though my limits have gotten much bigger because of it, because at least now I can feel what it is that I am supposed to be feeling in all the right places.  And even though I can't move as freely, I know that I'm doing the right work.