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TJ Feb. 23


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Thur. Feb. 23:  Everything looks different, literally and visually when going back to some of the videos after some time training has gone by.  As I am beginning to understand a bit more about the 13 points (each of them), as the relaxation and the ease and release become deeper and deeper adn the yin and yang become more and more distinct deeper in the body.... Sifu begins to look different!  I'm getting to a point of ease in the training, I suppose its coming from my body beginning to open more from the training as well as perhaps a better body knowledge of some of the principles, I'm not sure, but either way as I get closer to balance I notice that Sifu looks very different from the previous times I've watched the class vids.  Although I've seen the same vids over and over and over, not only am I hearing and understanding points that I never got the first few times... but Sifu's body looks different. His structure is changing (which it isn't obviously, but the way I can see his structure and alignment is changing).  Before, like in the beginning, I would simply try to emulate his posture, alignment etc.  He looked like he was standing a certain way, moving in a certain way, etc.  But as my understanding of the hips and the hip roll gets better... his hip roll and kuas look different.  As I find out more about the shoulder's nest and really begin to release the yin and allow the yang on the legs to go all the way down and around the foot.... Sifu's chest does the same, and his legs, etc. 

Isn't that funny?  I'm guessing it has something to do with what Sifu was talking about in regards to 'recognition power'....although I believe he was speaking of awareness within ourselves becoming greater and deeper.... I am starting to think that maybe it also helps our recognition in others as well?  Because as I've said, I've watched stages 1 and 2 videos half a dozen times each, and Sifu's body is changing!!!


Recognition is neither inside nor outside. It is just itself. Recognize. Don't judge.

Good job! Changing perception like thus means real and useful learning is happening.