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Feeling High Pressure Hose To Occiput?

Should suspending the crown feel like the back of your neck is a high pressure hose and the pressure is highest at the occiput? Like the neck is a hose and the base of the occiput is a balloon. This feeling is brought on passively not due to force.


Relax the belly perineum and legs until the pressure is light. Very light.

So the head should feel as if it is floating or weight, or better yet, as if being pulled up from above? Like Michael Phillips said, "Like someone is pulling your hair straight up."

I am trying to project straight up through the occiput.

Do not force anything. Crown as if suspended by a thread.

Right. I am not forcing. Just doing it through intent. Projecting upward instead of stiffening to make it straight.

be careful with 'intent'. just feel what i've told you to feel. do not 'intend' anything to happen. put your intention on your attention. this is very important. we'll cover it more as you move through the training progression.

I am committed to learning how to do the pulse. Because I don't see how internal kung fu is actually internal if you can not release.

I will show you how to feel the subtle and obvious forces in the structure and harmonize with the sensations commonly termed 'energy flow'. Meridians are for health, structure is for power. They must balance. Anyway, we will not begin with fajin, but with basics.

Right. There is no fajin without the basics. Is chi an actual energy our just a term used to refer to natural forces in the body that are not of a metaphysical nature?

It doesn't matter at this point. It's useful as a concept and toolset. This is what I'll cover at length during the visit.

In short, fajin is not what you think.

Lol. I think that some how you are using the connective tissue to store up potential energy in the form of stretching them and then releasing them suddenly. But that's just what I think. Lol

Yes. Not what you think. Fajin is a dialog. Manifesting taiji principles. Based on awareness and feel.

Lol, as long as it is not enlisting the help of demons our psychic phenomena, my Christian faith shouldn't have a problem with it. yes that was a joke.

Haha, this work is the opposite of all that stuff. It will simply help you see more clearly into your nature. As it is. It will deepen any practice and transform your life.

Are you somehow controlling the other person's nervous system through your movement?

yes, this is part of how humans interact non verbally. dialog. from one nervous system directly to another nervous system. mind-body together. :)

Hence the great need for awareness so that you can hear and know what to say. Is that skill applicable to in animate things. Like for breaking bricks and that kind of thing. Or simply moving something very heavy.

The Chinese call that power 'Bun' or bovine power. Fajin rests on structure but is very refined and involves timing and spacing. The mind must be tuned to specific awareness to listen closely in a subtle and specific manner.

My first Sifu said that once he was doing a "soft" break for a test. Five UN spaced patio blocks, he said that the first three broke the fourth did bout and the fifth had a hole about the size of an orange in it. They interpreted that as the chi he emitted but that his focus Was not complete. I didn't know if fajin did anything like that.

I don't know much about breaking except that iron palm produces micro fractures that build up bone mass, resulting in reduced dexterity and arthritis in older age. There are traditions that have dit da jow regimens to offset this consequence, but training must start very young. i don't know about this kind of training.

I'm a musician and artist and I work with my hands. I'm not interested in lessening my sensitivities. :) In my experience, Internal power grows from following closely Tai Chi Principles, physical refinement and extreme sensitivity.

Yang Lu Chan was said to launch away everyone he touched hands with...I wonder what level he honed his skills to? Makes me wonder about the supposed ability to affect a person's mass without touching them. Is it possible to harmonize without touching? Wouldn't that be more like hypnotism?

I'm a musician as well. I definitely don't want to lose my sensitivity. The kind of breaking that they called "soft" was intended to be powered by internal priniciples as opposed to Li or brute force. They did things like palm drops and other techniques that simple mechanical force would be hard pressed to perform. Also, the whole vibrating palm thing, where you pick which brick in the stack is going to break. It wasn't as dramatic as what happened on the movie "Blood Sport" but impressive none the less! :)

We don't know what he was doing. We do know that, as a small person, he was able to best the finest Mongolian wrestlers of the day. Big, powerful grapplers and strikers. So if we want to understand a bit about what he might have been doing, we can look into arts that help the small overcome the large.

The founder of I Liq Chuan is now 84 years old. When I was in Malaysia last year and touched hands with him for 10 days during the Founders Workshop, he Pnwed me from start to finish. His changes were so fast and precise. The power was still there as well. Did he blast me all over the room? No, he didn't need to. He was able to lead my mind wherever he wanted. Chi blast power is a trap. Don't get stuck in it, it's just a phase. There are amazing places that open up when you move beyond 'overcoming' another person. Harmonize.

Interesting effects. People are not bricks. The mind has no substance.

Perhaps these things are a skill set and not just one leading to another. Different skills for different situations. One leads to the other and yet we don't have to let go of the previous. Like you said, "Each stage of relaxation must also contain the previous stage." One is defiitely higher, though.

Or better yet, where is the - "this is so awesome" button?

I must admit, I'm fascinated by the power generation aspect because as far as I'm concerned, if I have embodied the correct principles, power genereated the correct way should be available (without me getting in my own way)...

That said, from a technical sense, to me what is most important is to be able to develop a skillset that allows me to not be dragged all over the place by the nose or get jammed while still being as present as I could be in a given situation - if that makes any sense...

From a non-martial philosophical point of view, still the same is valid. In fact, even though I may not have realized it at the time, I took on the pursuit of internal at a very dark time in my life where there was much disharmony. Five years later, I can say without a shadow of a doubt, the pursuit of internal has definitely helped me find much greater harmony within...

These days it feels like the purpose of life is to harmonize - that way I don't have to pull my hair about what the purpose of life is because it will manifest itself as the conditions dictate.

Thank you sifu Kelley. And thank you to everyone who take part in and support this wonderful training program.