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Fajin - fullness in the arms

When doing the fajin exercises I could feel a wave of fullness come down my arms AFTER my arms had stopped. Is my timing off? Should the wave coincide with the movement?


Right now, at this stage of training, the fajin exercises are performed for 2 foundational reasons:

  1. To help build up the structure. This means the bones, ligaments, tendons, and fascia. 
  2. To help recognize the present moment more completely. This means your internal timing and spacing.

Pressure in the arms isn't important right now. The yang qualities of unification are project and expand. Fullness is the result of balance of yin and yang. Fajin training right now is yin OR yang.  In the lesson, yin and yang are clearly separated. Any fullness is secondary to this separation, for now.

Over time the feeling of fullness will naturally arise as you are able to maintain balance of yin and yang. Do not DO the fullness. There is a specific sequence to fullness manifesting. Maintaining the fullness in movement depends on structure and timing and spacing. If you DO the fullness feeling, rather than recognizing, you will never get the deeper understanding. Power is a trap.

We will look into fullness as the result of the 6 forces (energies) and 3 dimensions later in the curriculum.

Any waves or pressure you feel is secondary to the foundational work. Stay safe and make sure any wave or pressure is NOT hitting the neck or crown. Maintain your attention exactly on the feelings from the lesson. Nothing more.

Fullness must be the result of internal movement and timing and spacing, not fullness to chase the power. A full belly with empty legs is a sign of stagnancy. Beware stagnancy. Just do what teacher says.

Our progression of training is STRUCTURE, RELAXATION, ENERGY. All 3 are trained all the time, but the training emphasis must begin with structure. To find the needle in cotton, or more accurately, the spike, requires exquisite understanding and development of the structure as well as precision timing and spacing.

Feeling tightness from between the shoulder blades, over the shoulders, to the elbows, and the wrists. Like a straight line. Completely by passing the major muscles but is most noticeable around the joints themselves. Very different than any effects that I would have assumed.