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Bubbling well?

While doing some training this morning, I noticed a tension or fullness on the bottom of my foot while doing the fajin exercises. That was a first! What's that about?


the bubbling well sits on the boundary of the yin cavity of the foot and the yang point number 6 (primary ball of the foot). it bubbles due to the polarity changes at that location when the yin cavity starts to open. the movement of the tissue is towards the toe and towards the center of the foot on the horizontal plane. after a while it bubbles all the time but recedes into the background of your awareness, becomeing a new 'normal'.

when you do the fajin exercises successfully, you stretch the fascia to the big toe to make a differential across that part of the foot. when it opens in 2 dimensions you get that sensation of bubbling. when you can hold it open in 3 dimension in addition to maintaing the recognition of what 'open' is, that point becomes transparent.

progression in internal kung fu is based on very specific feelings. so the physical actions performed must be supported and maintained by the mental in order to go deeper. 

That's hilarious! I only understood about 1 fourth of that, maybe. It's a good thing that this training is guided by feelings are not by a specific knowledge of what's happening in the body.