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Different feelings

I went back to lesson 3 expand to absorb condense to project. While doing the seated meditation I noticed soon in to it that I had a warm sensation in the dantien it seemed to be horizontal circle and not a sphere. That was new. I have felt a kind of fulness there before but not to the point that it felt like an actual shape or that I could feel its specific dimensions. Later, I noticed my mid back becoming either tense or feeling a stretch  or maybe both. It did not feel comfortable so while trying to adjust my posture i noticed that my dantien went a little nuts for about 15 to 20 seconds. Nothing to intense, but it began to...spasm. not painfully. The whole area began to rapidly get a wave like movement to it. I wouldn't call it a vibration, though technically any movement with frequency is a vibration so it was a vibration, because it wasn't buzzing. It was more like the speed of a fast drum roll on a floor tom. If there are any drummers reading you can get a feel for what I felt. Thankfully it was in the dantien and not higher. It remained below the navel sitting in the pelvic bowl. Any insight from Sifu or anyone else is welcome. How can I get such fulness in the dantien when the back doesn't feel like it is releasing correctly?



when you engage this work, you will have all sorts of experiences along this line. it's just your body finding its equilibrium. follow the basics:

  • just do what teacher says (feel yourself)
  • balance the body of yin and yang (in all its aspects)
  • never force the breath (full, smooth and soft)
  • the mental must move alwawys towards neutral (no judging)
  • have fun! (find and maintain ease)

Another interesting effect is the fact that after the experience in the dan tien, the whole pelvis bowl felt open and at ease.

Hey Michael,

I had very much the same experiences.  One bit of advice I can give you from my own experience is to simply ignore these things that happen.  Maybe not ignore, but simply let them go.   As Sifu has said there will be lots of things that will happen like this, all part of the body getting itself to a new place.  Just enjoy the training and try not to get caught by sensations or experiences like these... I got stuck on them for a time, but I had to realise "don't follow" after Sifu had to remind me nearly a dozen times.  It's great to hear of your training, you must be putting in some great work, keep it up and keep on filling us in on what's going on it's very helpful to us all.


This time when I had thisexperience it was so surprising and unexpected that I couldn't hold on to it if even if I had wanted to do that. :) I know that before I started this program, I used to practice my Yang taijiquan form and I would look for and expect certain feelings of warmth or heat in the hands. If I didn't feel that I was doing it wrong (supposedly). I thought I was supposed to focus on finding and keeping those feelings, but I had no idea about correct alignment or any of the stuff I have learned about in the last three and a half weeks. I have experienced more in terms of feelings of fullness (in the right places) during the last three weeks than I have ever before. I could never have imagined how to feel fullness in the dan tien. The whole sinking the chi to the dan tien was a mystery. And, there is surprisingly little on the web about how it occurs if it is mentioned at all. Michael Phillips is the only one I could find who gave a clear and concise explanation of it. AND guess where I found that article....On Sifu Kelley's website for the uncarved block program! All of the most useful teaching on true internal principles that I have found have come from Michael Phillips, Michael Phillips through Sifu Kelley's website and Sifu Kelley himself especially. Recognize, do not do. Feel, don't make it happen. Also, I followed an old internal arts maxim. The yi leads the chi. I was taught that, in light of this that we should "lead" the chi through intention rather than through correct awareness and shape. Those changes made all the difference in the world! Thank you Sifu for your clear and concise teaching and thank you Patrick for your training journal and support.