Training went pretty well today. Mostly because I just observed my self. I refrained from judging as much as I could. I noticed a few things.

1. I can't seem to release between my shoulder blades. It always get tight and stiff there while training. What can I do to help this? 

2. Turning the body and keeping the belly button and breast bone together is actually pretty tricky. I have done some Practical Method Chen Taijiquan and they do all kinds of twisting of the waist. I had seen others online doing it and now I see it is a habit in my body.

3. Not forcing the breath or trying to be dramamtic with the breath is also kind of hard. I noticed over and over, as I was trying to refine my bitter pill, That my breath was protruding my abdomen instead of softly inflating and expanding all around. It always felt better when I mindfully kept the breath soft and sunk. 

4. My right arm started to tingle. It still is a little bit as I type this. Kind of a buzzy feeling. I don't know what that is.

5. My feet feel like I am beating the living crap out of them. I would say that they feel heavy but I can step easily. They just feel like I have beaten them with a tenderizer. Not painful...kind of how your back feels after someone does deep tissue massage on you for about 20 minutes. Slightly sore and a little jelly fied.

6. I can feel a small buzzy spot on the ends of my big toes. Is that part of the big toe energy?

7. When doing the fajin exercises, you say that the feet remain quiet. Well I live in a house with a crawl space, not a slab foundation. I am shaking the floor and the pictures on the wall. LOL! Some times the feet don't "do" much, as far as the heel trying to come up, but still sending plenty of force into the floor. I refined it until there was probably 1/3 of the floor shaking by the end of it.

Well, there it is. Everbody comment away, PLEASE.