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From time to time I am getting this very hard to describe feeling in my armpits, especially in my left armpit. It is like a tightness that feels a little buzzy maybe and kind of cool. Defintely not comfortable. I dont know what it is. Any ideas?



Hi Michael

Comfort or discomfort sometimes stands for the same. It's during training or after training? What are the exact circumstances when such feeling shows up?

The way I see it depends of a myriad details. It can be the particular drill you’re doing. Maybe it’s you getting rid of some blockage; doing too much or too little or something very wrong, etc… Anyway use your intuition, “listen” and feel your body. It’s definitely good to be aware of these signs when internal practice, chi kung or the like, is concerned. We know intuitively when the discomfort is for good or not. Use the same reasoning for comfort feelings also because sometimes it’s a trap. Don’t be attached and relax when bad or good feelings appear.

You have many options: change to another drill; stand still aligned hands relaxed (middle finger touching your thigh as you know) and review in your mind the thirteen points then do some of introductory basic relaxing exercises (as swinging arms); try bitter pill; do a little sitting meditation; stop to train and go for a walk or take a nap. Do you get my point?

Anyway it is good to hear from someone more knowledgeable if your (bad) feeling persist or worsen. You will know!

Just telling you what I would do and in time - be sure - you’ll discern better what to do with such feelings at least when training.

Be well!


Sifu’s post Some “Thoughts On Zhang Zhuang or Standing Post” might give plenty ideas!


I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my comments about the feelings that I have been having. You post made a lot sense. It ws definitely not a "bad" discomfort. I did not feel alarmed by it. But it was uncomfortable none the less. Also, I have noticed that some of my sitting postures, especially when driving, have started to become uncofortable to me and I prefer to be more erect rather that leaning back on the seat. Thanks again! I do appreciate this community of people who are there to give insight for those of us who need it.