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I'm buggered-- I picked that up from an Aussie girl I used to like. As a matter of fact she was the one I was depressed over last summer. There is still a sting at how things went south there, but my friends keep reminding me that she was really a distraction that set me back on this path that I'm trying to navigate. 

It seems that maybe the universe has presented some tremendous opportunities to me. I got to spend 4 days with Sifu Kelley earlier this month, and I had the chance to spend a few days with Mr. Fenway Yang this weekend. Just like touching hands with Sifu, there were many moments when Fenway had me wondering how in the heck he just did the things he did. 

What I learned are that there are some very skilly Taiji people out there who, unfortunately, should not go around displaying their skills. It seems that after displaying their skill, they become a spectacle within the Taiji community, and drama ensues. If you, the reader, are not a student of Sifu's or at all interested in what Sifu has to offer, I ask that you please leave my blog as it is highly likely that you are here only to raise additional drama. 

If my previous post in any way offended you, I ask that you please learn to deal with your real issue. To Mr. Fenway Yang, I express my sincere apology for the people with guilty consciences who chose to make all kinds of assumptions as to what may or may not have happened the weekend of your seminar.