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Another new aspect of training

I've been practicing about three times a day and extending sitting and standing meditation and my harvest times over the last month. I've been progressively noticing what I think is more and more of the meat versus the bones feeling. The last week or so it's so pronounced that it almost feels as if the "meat" and the connective tissue are going to fall off or pull away from the bones. My feet don't feel heavy or rooted, but my body feels very dense and heavy. Good or bad? Could this be due to deeper levels of relaxation?


Please be careful in the pacing of your training. Slow and steady is the only way. Otherwise, good job!

My schedule makes it hard to do normal length practices. So when I can't fit in a normal 30 to 60 minute practice. I'll try to do shorter periods as I can fit them in. I don't think I'm anywhere close to overdueing it. I always keep in mind that there should always be ease. I've noticed the more ease, the more productive the practice.