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Small realization

I had an experience this morning that got me thinking about connecting and harmonizing with someone in a non-martial setting. Let's just say that I reacted emotionally to a situation with someone and we did not connect or harmonize. Afterward, I was dissappointed in how I handled the situation. I was thinking about the concepts of being in the present, and really connecting with the other person, and not having agendas in my mind (intent), but being open to the natural flow of the interaction. I felt like the outcome could have been more harmonious with that approach, and that I could have recognized the situation as it was unfolding, before I became trapped into certain old response behaviors.

Later I was reading a little in the blogs, and thinking again about how much better the interaction would have been if I had been present and neutral, when a light bulb went on in my head. I finally realized what is meant by "put your intention on your attention". I didn't even realize before that I didn't understand it.

To get present and neutral I have to not have intent. The only intent I can have is to be attentive to the situation/person.