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Hello There


Hello There,

My name is Kevin, & I am very glad to be a nember of Sifu On Demand.

Thankyou Sifu for accepting me.

A little about myself:

I have been practicing martial arts for many years. Originally hard styles like Karate, Judo, Kung Fu & Kickboxing.

However for several years now, I have been interested in the internal approach, after becoming aware of I Chuan & Master Wang Xiang Zhai.

I have never had any lessons in the internal, but studied many books & DVDs etc.

I have become fairly proficient at the style of Fajing as taught by Earle Montaigue, which leads me to a question:

Is this the same type of Fajing as taught by Sifu Kelley? It doesn't look the same. Sifu Kelley's fajing seems to be more of an effortless release, than a projection of force. It was the Intro video of Sifu Kelley demonstrating Fajing, that prompted me to join here.

I am also interested in the mindful approach.

I am able to feel a kind of buzz/throb in my hands the last few years, especially recently doing the bitter Pill. Is this the fulness that is described? & also does this spread from the hands?

Woops, I started off meaning to give a little history of myself, & ended with a load of questions!

I am looking forward to progressing through the course. There is a great deal to practise, & I am sure the learning is never ending.





I'll let our training community answer your questions first and then I'll fill in the gaps, if any.

I'm happy to see that you are contributing from the beginning of your training. Over the years, you will enjoy the time invested in your training journal.

Thanks Sifu for the kind words of encouragement.

I do hope that other members can chime in with some feedback to my questions.




Welcome, Kevin! My name is Michael. I have a lot of Earl Montaigue's videos on youtube as well. I also practiced this kind of waist shaking fajin. I don't know where this kind of fajin originated from, but I can tell you that it will create a large amount force. However, I would be slow in calling it an internal type of strike, simply because a person does not need more than a few minutes to get the idea of this kind of striking, and little more than that to learn how to relax enough to increase its effeciency. Not to say that a person with the proper training would not have internal aspects to the same strike. In the training that we do here, Sifu teaches us that fajin is a release and not a sequential flexion and release of the muscles of the body. It definitely can NOT be learned in a short amount of time since it requires a lot of awareness of what is happening internally in order to manifest it. I have no idea where I am on the journey, but I still can't do it. I am enjoying the process of getting my body to open up. The different feelings, like the ones you mentioned, will come and go. They may even vary from pratice to practice. Don''t get attatched to them. Just the other day I noticed that while doing bitter pill I was feeling an electric feeling in the hands. It's already gone. LOL. Now the feeling is different. It feels more open and like whatever is moving in there is moving with more freedom and with less restriction. Good or bad? I dont know. Just keep training. That is at least part of the answer to most all of your questions. lol. Only because sometimes the answer doesn't matter as much as moving on to the next thing. Don't get frustrated like I do sometimes just because my intellect isn't satisfied. Train on, brother Kevin.

Thanks Michael for your friendly & very helpful answer to my questions.

This is the great thing about Sifu On Demand. Books & videos can't give this kind of valuable feedback.

The welcome is very much appreciated.




Hi Kevin,

Welcome. The feeling in your hands is part of the process. As someone else mentioned don't get to attached to any particular feelings as you go through the training. These feelings come and go and wax and wan in strength, etc. Think of it like any other training you've done over a long time. You progress not in a straight line but in a winding meandering line. But ultimately, moving forward over time. Also, I think this is like anything else in life, each individual can experience it differently. But one thing is constant. Practice steadily, and with a focus on what's happening in and with your body, without getting attached and you'll progress the right way naturally. Keep checking in and asking questions. P.S. I've found there is no faster way to make some experience or feeling disappear within the body than to focus to hard on it or to try specifically to make it happen.

Thanks Jeff for your feedback.

I will take on board Yourself & Michaels suggestions.

Good advice to focus on what is going on within my body & to be detached from any feelings.

Thanks again