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9 jun 2012

If it is okay, I would like to make this a bit more than just a "training blog." If you have not heard, some comments I made in a review about a push hands seminar that I attended has created a bit of a stir. Maybe I should have shared my review directly with the intended audience, but it's whatever at this point. If people wish to read my thoughts, then so be it. I am going to make a strong effort to record every detail of my training from this point on...

I had a talk with my gongfu brother, Patrick (paralece), about having a more detailed blog. He thought it would be a good idea. We texted about stretching the Yao and expanding the mingmen point. I told him that I think hard style kettelbell training has put a lot of tension in that area to where I have no idea how to expand or even feel anything back there other than the pain I get sometimes during long standing sessions or practicing the yang style long form.

On the topic of forms, I have been practicing the long form with a bit more regularity. I have not spent as much time with the Guang Ping form, but someone on YouTube requested that I post an updated video to see if I have improved at all. A really skilled Taiji player told me to focus more on relaxation when doing my forms if I want to get deeper. I feel like the forms "look" sloppy this way. Of course I can't see myself , so I have no idea how things look. Have I ever mentioned that I started out doing wushu? I have this big concern for looking "crisp" when I do forms, but I remember that what is pretty on the stage, might not always be effective. I say "might" because have you seen Sigung's butterfly form video? It is poetry in motion! 

Sifu, I wanted to ask you if you practice the I Liq Chuan forms very often or are they more of like a solo teaching tool? 


Okay, as far as training today-- I did some bag work and mitt work with a client this morning. When I wrapped up her session, I caught the last 35 minutes of a cardio kickboxing class. The people really enjoyed it. I thought the teacher sucked because he did not even do most oF the moves he called off. In those types of group classes, you do the workouts,too. I think I might enjoy teaching a class like that, but I have a few reservations about taebo and turbo kick. I mentioned using a YMCA Taiji class as a way to form a spinning hands group, so maybe I could do the same with a martial aerobics class? What do you think?


I am going to do some bitter pill and bear standing after I eat. See you all next entry.


I have heard of near standing but don't have a clue what it is. Is that stage two stuff?

Yes, i practice the 21 amd butterfly forms regularly. They are elegant and honest forms. Worth every moment invested.

Make sure you wait a while after eating before any internal practice.

Great to hear about your blog committment. I have high expectations for where this training community will take students who engage in the process.

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I have not begun stage 2, yet. Sifu showed bear standing to me when he was in Nashville for his son's chess tournament. I think it is the same standing that we do during bitter pill.

please do not confuse these two postures. the resting posture is only for the bitter pill. the bear posture is an entirely different practice. 


I think its a great idea that you are going to catalogue the details of your training process.... it will be ever helpful to all of us, not just newcomers but all of us.  And as for the other stuff.... you blog about your experiences, people do what people do, that's my take.  I hope we can get together again soon.