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11 JUN 2012

I was working on some exercise videos for my YouTube channel yesterday and did not get to post a new entry.

I crashed after eating on Saturday afternoon and slept for a good 2 hours. I did not do any Bitter Pill at all, but I did 30 minutes of bear standing during halftime and the 3rd quarter of the Miami Heat/Boston Celtics game 7. 

On Sunday I wanted to do some lifting in my gym, but I kept putting it off for later. Of course I mentioned the workout videos that I had to shoot and edit, so I did not get around to lifting. I want to follow Bruce Lee's routine which is basically a short routine of compound lifts. Upper body focus on strength training and the lower body portion focuses mainly on muscle endurance. None of the rep/set schemes involve pure muscle growth (hyper trophy).

Sunday night I watched a short part of one of my favorite wuxia films, The Reign of Assassins. I did bear posture for 31 minutes. I have a goal to stand in bear posture for 100 hours. Right now my goal is to stand for 25 minutes a day and to slowly increase the amount of time until I can stand comfortable for at least 45 minutes. I only have 99 more hours to go! :-)


sounds like a great regiment for you!

please keep the following in mind when you hold postures. we aim to maintain physical and mental 'ease' in all practice.