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Less Pain


Hello there!

Although I have been having a go at most of the exercises on the videos, I have put most of my time into the Bitter Pill.

I have always found standing meditation very difficult. I have always had tight/stiff muscles & within minutes of standing, I can be in great pain, especially the neck & upper back area.

Today for the first time, the pain seemed to dissolve & I felt fairly comfortable & at ease! I have tried to be aware of the 13 points as much as possible, while at the same time letting my body be in the stance. I did notice that although my crown was lightly suspended, that it could be lifted higher, but this seemed to bring back the muscle pain. Should I keep pushing up the crown, or just let it float?

During the moving part of the Bitter Pill I find it hard to differentiate the different levels of relaxation. The only thing I seem to notice is some connected feeling like taught cables from my shoulder blade area & upper arms & a bit of my back.

I will continue to practice & observe myself.

Thanks to all who have given me feedback in my last post. I have taken note & used it in my recent practice.




Good job! Less pain is encouraging.

I go into the crown and the 13 points in great depth later in the lessons. For now, and always, train with the idea of mental ease. You will be surprised how much of the discomfort you feel is the result of mental unease, not the actual state of the body. I hope others will share their experiences regarding these issues. 

Thanks for the feedback Sifu.

All this feedback is very helpful & helps fill in the blanks that can be there from just reading, watching & training.