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2 weeks in

It is my 2nd week practicing and I am definitely enjoying it, but I also have that feeling that you have when you start a new job and don't know what you're doing. Like if I was learning how to dance online instead of in-person. I feel like I'm doing some things wrong, but it's ok. My body is not that sensitive, so for instance when doing the rocking exercise I only feel tension in the fronts of my thighs. I don't feel it all the way up to my neck. Doing the North, South, East, West exercise I don't feel the tension all throughout my body, I only feel it in the forearms. Has anyone else had similar experiences with these exercises?


Great to hear!

To feel the tension arise throughout the whole body, try to be like an iron buddha - no bending or adjustment in any joint.

Look especially to the hips.