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22 JUN 2012

I could rant about some more stuff on my mind, but I'm really tired today. I'm a little upset that so much "stuff" was going on that I did not really get to workout at all. This week I had started a routine of P90X and Tai Cheng. I started doing P90X because my friend, April, was wanting do it. I figured I would do it along with her to try to coach her. Also I have not completed P90X in 3 attempts! As much as I don't like P90X, from a trainer's standpoint, there is something in me that wants to say that I completed all 3 phases. I had been gifted a copy, but I just decided to go ahead and actually order the workout program from Beachbody this week. 

Anyway, I did not get to do either of those workouts today or yesterday because I've been in YMCA training the last two days. We will end tomorrow afternoon. I hope to get something accomplished before I have to train my clients at around 7:30. 

Even though I had the long rant yesterday, I did 21:00 of Wuji standing. I really want to do some standing tonight, but I think my body just wants to go to bed. I did training all morning and afternoon, took a 1 hour nap, and worked my Friday evening shift at the other YMCA near my house. I had a long talk with my Grandma when I got home, and now I'm writing in my blog. 

I was telling her how I used to spend 3 hours a day practicing Taiji. I know I have that much time to practice, but it seems more difficult now that I am not living alone with very little responsibility as far as taking care of other people. I don't like to make excuses for getting behind with my lessons, but it really did seem much easier for me to practice when I was by myself. 

I don't want to make this entry too long, but I had a talk with one of my neighbors while I was working this evening. It was a bit discouraging because he kept telling me that I have to stay here to take care of my Grandma and all of her "stuff." I've discussed this with my Grandma already in that she knows I don't really want her to leave me anything to manage. She knows that for me to grow, it will probably be best if I leave Nashville. 

I guess sometimes when people offer you advice, it's best to just smile and not let it bother you if they are telling you things which might actually not be in your best interests. I like to call those moments, "Zen Moments," when people tell me things I do not like, or do not share the same opinion. This overall opinion that I need to stay here and be this person everyone expects me to be is an opinion I don't share. 

I'm going to bed. I hope I have enough time to do some bitter pill and a little standing before I have to go back to the Downtown YMCA for the last day of Strength & Conditioning training. I guess the good thing about this training is that it's paid mandatory training should I decide to work at any other YMCA in the country.