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the bones may rise the bones may sink..

"The bones may rise the bones may sink, but the meat stays sunk." I'm not getting that. When I meditate and I'm breathing in & out, there are two ways that I know to breathe. One is abdominal breathing where the stomach goes in and out, the other is diaphragmatic breathing where the stomach does not go in and out as the attention is more on the diaphragm but the chest tends to rise and fall a little. Should I be doing one of these types of breathing, something else altogether or is it unimportant? What bones are supposed to be rising? What meat is supposed to be sinking? All the bones and all the meat or are we talking about the torso specifically? I'm completely lost on this concept. All I feel is my stomach moving in and out or my diaphragm & chest moving up and down...


the taiji classics say, 'the body must be yin and yang in all it's aspects'. one of the initial separations of yin and yang in taoist work is to feel the bones and feel the meat. do not breathe in any special way or different than indicated in the lessons.

all the soft tissue is the meat.

once the meat hangs off the bones and our attention is built up enough, our I Liq Chuan training makes these feelings clear and we can recognize the yin and yang quality of the meat. please don't worry that these feelings are not yet clear. it takes time and consistency to change the neural pathways of the brain to be able to directly percive this greater flow of energy. Also, remember that this flow is not the meridian system. later you will learn to balance the greater flow and the meridian system through 5 Elements training.

good job so far and you are doing fine.  

Thanks, I really appreciate your consistency & timeliness in responding to posts. I was a part of another online internal martial arts school for a short period of time (the same one Patrick was a part of) & the head of the school was slacking extremely by comparison. His website and curriculum were not on par with yours by any means.

You're welcome.

The more you put in to the process and share with others on this site, the more i can help.