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About laziness

Hi everybody, it's nice to come here after a while and see chi-factory growing in contributions, sharing, questioning under Sifu’s supervision, helping us with our difficulties, doubts and correcting our ways when necessary.

I settled in a new home. This process disrupted my routines. My willingness to practice was left behind. I simply was not in the mood.

Sifu explains clearly in our program (I can’t recall in what particular lesson) how to deal with these types of lethargy.

Still day in day out I practiced bitter pill sometimes in the morning, occasionally in the afternoon.

Every day before bed I felt literally impelled to stand for a moment, reviewing the thirteen points back and forth in my mind. Sometimes I stayed with one principle awhile, dropped my attention letting my awareness extract its inherent truth… once in a while practicing some basics unfolded. After this, consistently I sat letting go…

After this strange experience I realized that anyone who has practiced to a certain degree cannot simply quit. Nevertheless I felt that such a meager investment could not deliver great profits, no kung fu whatsoever.

However Sifu’s pertinent advice – if I get it right – it’s all about quality.