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Half Day Workshop - Circles - Spin to Flow

12 Jan 2013 - 12:00pm - 4:00pm
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Learn to Flow - Change with the Change

Train to raise  awareness to bring power to the point of contact while maintaining relaxation to flow. Applying flow in your life brings profound benefits.

INSTRUCTOR: Kelley Graham

LOCATION: 125 S. Second Street, Sierra Vista, AZ 85635 (map)

ELIGIBILITY Open to the public. Anyone from any discipline is welcome. Active students receive discount.

This Half Day Introductory Workshop is for those curious about traditional Internal Kung Fu training methods and Tai Chi Principles as applied to movement.

Participants will get a light to moderate workout and learn explicit methods to build up their concentration and mental focus. Students will find that this training helps them cultivate 'Flow' and softness while still safely dealing with real world force and power. 'Flow' can help maintain relaxation under all life's changing conditions.

Training includes:

  • Mechanism of Structure - Closing and opening.
  • Alignment to Force - Recognizing the Grab.
  • Internal and External Spheres - POC
  • Zhang Zhuang - Traditional Internal Power Development.
  • Fullness - getting the 'Internal Feel'..

Other benefits of practice can include sustained mental clarity, reduced stress, and greatly increased energy.

Materials presented are for anyone willing to go deeper to understand movement and the mind - body connection. Wear loose athletic clothing. Students must be in uniform. We train barefoot, but it's optional. Bring a water bottle to be sure you get plenty of water, you will flush out toxins.