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Posture and throwing hands

This is a video of how I have been doing Throwing hands and a  look at my posture. It's okay to laugh! Comments welcome from everyone. :)



your stance is a bit wide. when you line up your hand, make sure it is pointing straight down. then pivot your foot. put the big toe exactly where the pinky toe was. you are pivoting an extra 1/2 inch. :)

to feel the looseness and alignment to help you open the mingmen naturally. bounce from all 9 solids gently and through all the joints. release 90% of the torquing through your legs. think 'light and lively'. the minimum needed.

nice beginning. i can see the work you've put in so far. 

i'll let the other students discuss the throwing hands first. thanks for sharing!

Looks good.  I thought just a touch more forward bend of the body in stance would have helped - seemed a touch on your heels, and felt the center of the hip joints probably weren't totally soft, and ming men needed a little more expand.  Throwing hands was good.  The hands coming up seemed a bit empty at time - get good absorb on the way up.  The project down, make sure you're projecting completely from ming men and no chest muscling is going on - that causes the sternum to project which is backwards.  Just a student myself, so wait for Sifu verification or correction of my comments before you take them to heart.  Good job.

About structure you had the privilege of Sifu’s orientations or the suggestions of a fellow student already.

It seems you “forced” breath in order to synchronize the throwing with the exhale.

This type of “pressurized respiration” and its potent release must be a natural consequence of whole body movement (and I mean whole – for starters keep in mind the thirteen basic points of our training). I wish this help in a way or another. Sifu will comment if I’m wrong that’s for sure.

Thank you for your willingness and courage of exposing your commitment to train. This is inspiring to everyone!


First off, let me congratulate you for doing this video and this training!  Putting yourself out there is never easy and distance training is not easy either, so good for you on all accounts. We are all here to encourage and help you.

Onto the video, you're doing the work which is apparent, but there is some tidying up to do.  I will echo what everyone else has said about the 13 points, specifically shoulders over hips.  If you look at your side posture you're leaning back and shoulders are behind hips-->ming men closes-->weight is on heels. We all do it, so it takes time :) 

You look like a fit guy who does weight training, and when you project down in throwing hands all of your power comes from your chest (like you would do in a bench press) instead of from the yang side.  You are working on the 13 points I can see that (good job on keeping the crown), but I think the next step for you is minding the others.  So like Sifu said in the first post work on alignment and looseness and "the minimum needed", think making less power but doing the move correctly with alignment.

Overall I think you are off to a good start and thanks again for posting.


I am sorry for my previous harsh post and since I cannot reword it I felt the need to add something more. I must say that I’m not in discordance with all previous comments and for this same reason my final observation/comment of your video is that everything you showed us was perfectly executed (and I mean it). That’s all.

Take it as a Koan - an irrational or illogic question designed to enlightening a Zen student. I don’t know if you are familiar with Zen tradition. Anyway if your commitment and practice continues to grow as well as your awareness, you will understand easily my above statement that has no mysterious or importance whatsoever and goes in the spirit of your own words: it’s okay to laugh!

Finally I must say that if I could it would be a privilege to practice with you.

Take care

Thank you to everyone who has posted a comment so far. I am listening. : )

Hi there! My name is Lorianne, and I have been a student of Sifu's for over a year and a half now. I just watched your video and wanted to share a few thoughts. Some of this has already been said by other students, but they are things I noticed as well. First, you are doing a great job and definitely keep training! As far as some things to recognize during this exercise... When you prepare to commence, put more awareness on the 13 points. This will help you line up everything correctly and make it easier for the movement to just happen. Feel the feet to allow the body to drop, while holding yourself up by suspending the crown. When I do this, I feel my whole body relaxing without collapsing. And, yes, a narrower stance would help too. Two of the 13 points that stood out to me would be more expand and project from the ming men and more suction and condense on the sternum, which will allow the shoulders to sit better over the hips. Also, be sure that your hands do not come up past the sternum, because that will cut your power in that you are moving outside of your limits. I hope this was helpful, and please keep sharing your thoughts and videos with us!

Looks good, I have a hell of a time keeping my ribs tucked in any movement, even standing still. I agree with Greg, needs to be more loose. Great video and keep training!