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Expand from ming men

Got to do some bitter pill today. Focused mostly on keeping the center of gravity force in the center of the foot during all of the changes. Feeling the full ness in the hands and not spiiling the chi before the melt. Worked on Yi-chi-li while doing some expand to absorb and condense to project in different directions. Today is the first time I have ever felt the expansion from ming men. Thanks to something Sifu told me about the gathering during throwing hands or, I guess any absorbing movement, that we are grabbing our whole selves and bringing it into the dantien point and then it releases from ming men. During bitter pill and the ex to absorb and cond. to project training I kept that in mind and brought everything into dantien from the feet up and in, and from the head and hands down and into dan tien. The result...I got condensing on the front at dan tien and the when I would yi-chi-li into condense to project, I would release in to the movement and it naturally started as an expansion from ming men. I was most conscious of the rising up the back during the expansion. Everything happened in ease today. Good training.


Ever since I have experienced the expansion from ming men I have felt a "band" of tension across my back just below my shoulder blades. Is this just tension that I was unaware of before? It feels like I have been projecting my chest and trying to stand up very tall. It pulls on my back and makes the ribs feel tight and the breath uncomfortable. I figure it will pass, just wanted to share my experience.