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Errors when blogging. Do you have any suggestions?

I made a mistake. I’m sorry for posting twice the same content. Is there a way to delete a post in editing phase?

Back button does the trick bringing us to the editing page, but we can do nothing to delete or correct a post once it is saved.


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Go all the way down to <MyContent> and click the link. When you see all of your posts, you will seethe option to delete your post.

That’s true for our own posts (effectively the option delete is available) but I suppose there’s a catch if my post is a comment (reply) to someone’s post. However your help made me go a little deeper :) and I managed to edit one of the intended posts to delete. I simply delete the title and text then clicked save and this procedure made the trick but I’m afraid this kind of modus operandi is not very licit since a strange mesage ban page appeared for a moment (maybe nothing important, a fleeting redundant software message, just like my monkey mind). I hope for Sifu’s understanding If I did something wrong.

This took me to look for old and recent posts of yours and mine also. I found a kind of pattern: you always busy and trying your best to train effectively and me always struggling with laziness trying to find the best strategies to a decent practice – having many interests I find myself continuously trying "emptying cup" and not accumulate. Perhaps I’m trying Wu Wei liberation via laziness instead of - eating bitter - natural practice.

It seems to me from your posts that you’re a very busy guy so again thank you for such a quick answering to my request. These last days coming to Chi Factory have been truly inspiring and motivating.

Take care