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This body of mine.

So, for the last week or so, my body has felt all bound up. It feels as if my training is working in reverse. My body is supposed to be opening but it feels more constricted than ever. I'm sure that this is just me being more aware of the tension that has been there for years, but that doesn't make it any more comfortable. LOL It sucks and I am just waiting for it to pass. Any insight will be appreciated.


This is a big topic and i'd like our training community to respond first. then i'll weigh in with clarifications and next steps. Again Michael, Thank you for sharing your training journal with us.

Thank you, Sifu for having an online community like this. It is great to hear feedback from my kung fu brothers and sisters. I need it. It's much better than trying to wade through this on your own.

Oh Temple, how you've hit on such a big topic here :)  Good news is, the training is working, so keep that in mind.  Check out this post if you get a chance:  it might add some insight.  I think you are exactly right in that you are MUCH more aware of the tension that you have, and yes it certainly does not make it any more comfortable :) Just keep training.  Not just keep training, but keep minding everything as correctly as you can in your training, dont fall back to old habits, this is a time to grow.  There are times in training as other will talk about that we feel like we are making progress and then there are times when, as you say "training is working in reverse."  This is the process of opening up, it gets uncomfortable at times.  So I think you are right on track, just keep training, focus on EASE and just mind your limits.  Cheers



"My body is supposed to be opening.."

I'd say beware of thinking you know how things are supposed to feel as well.  Yes, our bodies do open up over time.  They also become more integrated and connected.  There's a sort of idea about what that should feel like implied by the terms we use, but it often turns out to feel quite different than we expected down the road.  Sounds like you're on the right track, just do the training, and in time all the tightness that is incorrect tightness will start to fade as your structure impoves, and all the tightness that is a result of being connected up throughout your whole structure will become more clear and not be uncomfortable.  Don't try to judge what you're feeling right now, or assign it some meaning.  But noticing it is good. 


Another perspective – if I may suggest. These arts are endless when it comes to refinement and I suppose that all the colors of the perceptional and emotive rainbow are allowed – fortunately - because this is the very ground where someone can go deeper or if you prefer soar above the common interior landscape. I don’t want give you a lecture (how could I?) these are just my impressions on what it seems to be a common difficulty.

If it helps I never felt that I did something perfect or a noticeable progress but this feeling matters little to me because it’s so familiar. I’m sure that before some notable accomplishment in an internal art any assurance of progress and comfort that we may feel comes only from sifu’s knowledgeable and attentive observation. Afterwards in spite of further instruction these worries don’t make sense anymore.

Michael since English is not my mother language I risk either to be pretentious or (worse) impolite but by now I think you’re familiar with my “style” which equates my ignorance. By the way being ignorant is not so bad as it could seem at first glance because gives someone latitude to go further – a variant of “empty cup” if you want J 


Temple - It's my experience that this is nothing to worry about as long as you proceed mindfully. This can happen from time to time for various reasons - as you said, you may just be moving into new areas of ease, which are uncovering areas of tension that will need to melt away or it may be a new area of your body beginning to open up and your now noticing that it's blocked/blocking energy flow (which will pass with continued "correct practice", or you may need to revisit and re-access the 13 points to make sure you're not off somewhere that's causing non-ease. My experience has been that if I keep a mindful eye on things, keep double checking against the 13 points frequently, and don't get to attached to things that feel good or bad, I seem to make slow steady progress. So, I'd suggest, keep practicing, review the 13, and try to make small adjustments that work toward ease.