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27 Jul 2012

I am still here, but have not been blogging at all lately. School is back in full swing, so I am having to juggle the YMCA, my kettlebell classes, school, taking care of my Grandma, and my own training. My last day with the YMCA will beon next Friday, 3 AUG. From there I am going to make some major changes to my kettlebell classes. I want to go with the model that Crossfit uses where people playa monthly fee to come here and train. I will keep a few classes going which will be actual classes with a curriculum. There will be a beginner class and an advanced class...people will have to reserve a spot and pay in advance. I am having huge problems with people showing up when they feel like it, or not showing up at all even though they say they are coming. I had been operating " pay as you go," but that was because I was just doing this training at my home for experience. 

The best part of these new changes are that I will have time to focus on my own training. My plans at the start of the summer were to just train people out of my home so that I could be here to study for school and get all of my IMA training in between appointments. 

Well, I would like to try it for a year while I finish school. If it does not work out, I am hoping that this degree will make me eligible to work in a hospital wellness center. I'm not sure what I really want to do, but I would like to experience my profession from every angle there is. I've been in the health club setting and did not enjoy it. Now I would like to experience the clinical setting. 


Princenasir - I think I can speak for the whole Sifu On Demand community in wishing you the best as you try to work through your interests and goals. Also, best wishes for your Grandmother. Try to stay regular and steady in your practice of Sifu's lessons. I find when I do, especially the meditation, everything else in my life tends to fall into place and work itself out.