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Meditation, posture and yin-yang subtle feelings


When time for meditation arrives I scan the body letting go any tension, smiling naturally breathing in order to manifest mind/body stillness and let chi ignite an alert upright sitting posture with crown suspended to open awareness…

This preparation process for sitting meditation uncovered feelings of plenitude on the Yang side, a kind of body lightness and, simultaneously, on the Yin side an opposite complementary soft but “substantial” feeling like a gentle rooting or the mildest gravity pulling. I don’t mention expanding and condensing explicitly but these feelings were (obviously) related to dantian and mingmen points.

I must add that in order to get a neutral and natural posture I interacted with dantian and mingmen in the sense of being aware of their particular functions and reciprocity not forcing (breath specially) any particular result besides being as natural as possible.

This experience, in spite of being an objective fact or a subjective impression, gave me insight on Sifu’s statement of “feet merely touching the floor” that we all are acquainted for the very first lesson of stage 1.

At last these feelings subsided to the unconscious background (if I might say so) because it’s all about open awareness and the present moment...