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13 AUG 2012

I've been thinking about posting my daily training stuff in a blog on my training site that I'm going to do on Wordpress. I did not want to clog up this site with 100 posts, but I will give it some thought. My Grandma did much better last week now that I am spending more time at home studying and trying to build up my kettlebell classes. I have been waking up and standing for 20 minutes in Wuji posture and then spending ~10 minutes on Bitter Pill. 

I am going to register as a student on the ILC website and contact the North Carolina group this week about attending Sigung's seminar next month in Durham. My plans this week are to get in 2 classes. I want to review all of the classes I've had to take notes and start putting together a list of drills that I can practice. For me, I have to document things or I will a) forget them or b) not do them at all. 

My other project is to put up a big white board in my workout studio so that I can write out my own workouts. I think it is important for my clients to see the things I am doing as far as training. Although I am training mostly women interested in losing weight, I hope to get out of the "fitness" industry. I really want to do more corrective exercise and working with other martial artists. I was reading something about how a lot of martial artists get into the alchemy/internal training side of things and really begin to neglect their bodies. I don't think a person can supercharge their nervous system while letting the body deteriorate and expect to see lasting results. 


Also I have been reading this book,"The Reluctant Buddhist." I am enjoying it. One bad thing about the book is that it is making me want to go back and finish my Master of Divinity degree-- but in a Buddhist program. I've been speaking & teaching religious matters and giving advice to people for so long that it is now a part of me. I do some of the same with personal training, but it isn't the same. When I was at Seminary, my goal was to combine the two-- physical training with the spiritual & mental side-- like a mind/body thing. I guess I am working on increasing my knowledge of the physical side right now, but the other side is feeling a little neglected. 

I see this practice as a way of helping me unify everything-- and keeping me honest until I'm able to continue the rest of my education. 


This is a training community and this site cannot be clogged. I challenge you to clog it up.

Post anything directly related to your ILC training here. Post the rest elsewhere. Over time, with all our members contributing, this site will be a fantastic resource for those who follow.

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Okay, I will keep this  journal of mine going, Sifu!