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Going deeper?

A few things: When feeling for the dropping down the front, I am finding that if i let go of the abdominals i can feel this"one more thing" to let go of that almost feels like something sliding downward inside as if Iswallowed something and it falls all the way to dan tian. Everything feels condensed on the front lower mass and gets hard it feels hard without flexing. Is this right? Also, i have noticed that my tongue feels heavy at times, or as if it is slightly tingly. Is that a good sign?


All is as expected. Keep observing and looking deeper into Tai Chi principles. Do not try to make anything happen. Keep following along with the lessons. Do not let your mind get stuck on any one feeling.


Sifu, the yin and Yang are right next to each other it feels like. It feels almost like they are the same feeling right in the center of my body, just one aspect is up the other is down. I noticed this in my hands too , also the feet. The expand feels like it is coming off the bone and then wrapping over the finger tips to make suction on the palm side.

I always thought, for some reason, that the feeling of flow would be along the surface of the skin, not so deep in the body. I guess that's from the feelings of warmth or heat i was previously taught to look for.

just keep opening up to whatever the training reveals to you. this is empty cup and beginners mind. :)