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ILC Winter Retreat - Thank you!

Thank you to everyone who made the 1st Annual ILC Winter Retreat an amazing success.

Thank you Sifu Sam Chin and Simo, Yen Lee and Yin Yin for choosing Tucson as the location for the ILC Winter Retreat and the first public 7 Days training intensive in the US.

It was wonderful seeing students from the US get a chance to meet and train with Alex Skalozub, Daria Sergeeva, as well as see, in the Russian visitors skill, where our training curriculum can take students dedicated practice.

As for my team, I especially want to bring attention to Gregory Hollick for his untiring behind the scenes efforts helping the event run smoothly. If something needed to done, he made it happen without drama or fuss.

Team members take a bow.

Dr. Gregory Hollick, Thumb and Film Acquisition
Maria Peters, Transportation
Bobby Bloom, Security and Lighting
Dale Turner, Flora and Fauna, Sustainability, Recycling and Sanitation