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Question to Sifu: Discharging of Power When Disconnecting from Partner Abruptly?

Dear Sifu,

I have a question that I've been perplexed with (for the lack of a better word) lately. When you have a bit of time, I would love to hear your thoughts on this.


Basically, I had a chance to touch hands with a gentleman (long time student of TCC) recently and the strangest thing happened. After I harmonized with him (I try to work on continuously trying to feel the 13 points of the partner and harmonize), if I disconnected (i.e. let his 13 points go and harmonize with myself only) abruptly, while we are still in physical contact, a fair amount of power got discharged at him. This happened a few times. I tried with my wife a couple of times and it happened intermittently as well even though I was able to control how much power discharged by slowing down the disconnection process. It feels like disconnecting abruptly, after having engaged in the way I described above seems to be somewhat dangerous. Am I doing something wrong? Or is this a standard way to discharge power at the opponent through disconnection which I have to be mindful of not to do? When I don't disconnect abruptly, it seems fine - almost like gently handing the partner their balance/structure back.

Peace and harmony!



Excellent! What you experienced is part of the training process. When you feed your partner you harmonize. If when you stop feeding, either fast or slow, and their mass is affected, you were not neutral. You need more work to balance yin and yang. More refinement of the 13 points.

It is not dangerous. A sensitive person, like a TCC player, might even be bounced out. Bouncing is the result of bad habits and is their sensitivity training method not ours. Someone who is too yin may feel emotionally agitated but will get over it.

This is not real fajin, this is simply an example of yin imbalance in the partner and your imprecision. :) More attention is needed, more concentration power is needed. More neutral. Feel more, think less.

Good job! Thank you for sharing.

Thank you so much for the clear and detailed answer Sifu!

I will work on this. Hopefully, with more attention, I will be able to get closer to neutral and be able to refine the 13 points further. If something stands out in the future, in the way I am recognizing/approaching neutral currently, which may correlate strongly with this effect, I will be sure to share.

Thank you again! The following needs to go on my wall actually :-)

More attention is needed, more concentration power is needed. More neutral. Feel more, think less.

Peace and harmony,

Dear Sifu,

Upon futher investigation based on your kind advice and guidance, it is becoming clear that I am most certainly not neutral :-(

From what I can tell, it seems when I harmonize with the partner, my spine stretches down (largely through sacrum/tailbone movement, with the illium still remaining largey perpedicular with the ground and me not sinking down with a pronounced bend in the knees as such) in a way that it feels that spine is stretching down into the center of the foot. However, I noticed that the tailbone is no longer pointing at the perineum, but further forward, towards the front of the pelvic floor (i..e towards the groin). As I harmonize with the partner, it feels like a condense and project (if that makes any sense at all with this physical configuration). Bones don't seem to change much through this process.

As I stop harmonizing with the partner the spine briefly unstretches as the tailbone briefly points towards the perineum, but as I harmonize with myself, my spine stretches down again (largely through sacrum/tailbone movement, with the illium still remaining largey perpedicular with the ground as before) in a way that it feels that the spine is stretching down into the center of the foot yet again but the tailbone is now pointing somewhat behind the perineum, towards the back of the pelvic floor. Feels like I'm doing an absorb to expand. If this is abrupt, sometimes the partner seems to get affected as if I was discharging power.

So I'm not maintaining point #3 of the 13 points at the very least :-(

Does this sounds plausible?

When you have some spare time, I look forward to hearing your thoughts.

Peace and harmony,

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I'm impressed that you can practice with your wife! Sounds like good stuff, Joey!

Thank you brother! It is more like her humouring me in my obsessions as opposed to training per se, but yes, it is nice :-) She trained quite a bit when Sigong was visiting Brisbane, but these days, not so much. That is most probably because I don't make sense like Sigong does :-)

Nothing to add except to continue to explore and apply the basics. There's nothing else.