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Articular Capsule and Joint Proprioception

Sifu, I've been doing some research into haptics lately and I'm beginning to appreciate more and more the role proprioception might play in "object shape perception" through the sense of touch.

I was wondering if you have any information on this subject, off the top of your head, that might be helpful in my investigations along these lines (please don't spend too much of your time on this - I will keep looking myself - at this point it is nothing more than a personal curiosity).

Specifically, is there any work you have you come across that might suggest the size of the articular capsule to have any effect on the joint proprioception? Also how the articular capsule volume is controlled neurologically (for example does it work through direct neurological control of the joint capsule or is it governed indirectly by the manipulation of ligaments, tendons or other fascia as well as any stabilizer muscles)?

Thank you Sifu.

Peace and harmony!



training will answer these questions and, more importantly, help you see what information is useful and what is not.

proprioception without interoception is just empty technique. proprioception with interoception leads to unification and the internal feel. the emphasis in our training is on both internal feel and shape.

true fajin is more than power. true fajin begins with knowing how to apply the jin and then, with long refinement, learning how to lead the mind. this process has nothing to do with the size or characteristics of the joint capsule. the only way to access the stabilizers (structure) is through training the internal feel. your consciousness is not equipped to directly influence the mechanism of balance and structure. don't waste your time. simply observe the training to feel, recognize and realize.  the secrets are not in the detailed anatomy. the secrets are right in front of you. more basics, maintain the 13 points. train well to condition the body. the sinovial pulse through the joints is already there. :)

Thank you Sifu!!! :-)

Proprioception, interoception...

And then there is perception. Mine, for what it's worth Joey is, that most people skilled in internal arts, even some of the best have a relatively small number of fundamental concepts that they actualize and master through continually refined training and development. Such that their skill relative to their database of knowledge is 10:1 Now imagine, just for a moment, with your knowledge, what you might be like yourself, if you acheived a 10:1 skill to knowledge ratio? I would say you would be beyond ex-ception-al. :)

OK, fuzzy statisics and logic, perhaps. Let me put it another way (and I will say this to myself, at the same time).



Thank you for the kind words Michael. They are not lost on me :-) Cheers!