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Tried doing absorb a few times today on a co worker. He said he felt like he became heavy and had to sink down. I didn't feel like i was doing anything. He also groaned a little when i applied a little force in this way. A second Co worker didn't get much out of it, but i don't think i completed the cycle. Anyone have a similar experience? I've never touched hands with any other I Liq Chuan student, so i have no reference outside of these little experiences of mine.


when you applied force, what did it feel like to you? were you harmonized? did you feel the expand to absorb from hand to foot, down the front? was your body forward? try to balance the perception of the effect on your partner with the internal feel. keep following along with the stage 2 lessons. :) have fun. let go.

I didn't feel any sense of effort on most of the times i applied force. My body was forward. I definitely could feel a yin quality on the yin surfaces. Everything pulling in to dan tien. However, i was a little nervous and i forgot to stretch the fingers. :-) I will try again and be more mindful of the thirteen points and stretching the fingers. I will look to make sure expand is everywhere on the Yang before trying to absorb. I was actually surprised by his response. It almost made me think he was joking because it was so easy for me and he was not just coming forward but his knees were collapsing, too. L ol. Maybe he's to yin?. He has no martial background to speak of.

These comments aren't directed at you per se, but as a general guide to all partner training. 

Don't try to judge as to whether your partner is too yin or whatever. Be grateful that you have someone with which to train. He's likely just a normal untrained person, nothing is wrong with him. Don't look for faults of any sort. Don't try to explain these counter intuitive effects to yourself. 

Spend your efforts to maintain your attention on the internal feel. Do not be mesmerized by the effect of your action. Try to observe the process of absorbing as you feel the cues as directed in the training and, at the same time, observe the sequence of events in your partners body. Feel the point of contact remain even, smooth and neutral.

Have fun!