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The Light Touch or the 4 Ounce Bridge

Dear Sifu, ILC brothers and sisters,

I was wondering what your thoughts and experiences are of the coveted "light touch" or the "4 ounce bridge" in martial arts (mainly arts that are considered "soft styles" I suppose).

My personal experience is that sometimes, it is easy to "keep running away" / keep retreating into a corner when chasing this particular quality at the contact point (perhaps using inappropriate means no doubt).

Peace and harmony,


To control the opponents mass with the light touch requires tremendous power. This kind of power is the result of unification. To get the light touch you must develop very heavy power. Heavy power is the result of structural development using partner training with great force at the POC (point of contact). Over time you will be able to relax while still developing power to the POC. Simple, not easy.

If you want the ability to control with a light touch, train heavy and follow the principles closely. Forget about yielding, this concept is only applicable to those who already have the light touch bridge as they have the understanding of what it really means to act from a place of power. Yielding from weakness is merely dangerous.