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Punctured breath

Okay. After watching Sifu's video of the ILC forms I am convinced I do not comprehend the punctured breath. I always thought I was fuzzy on it ever since he brought it up in the stage one fajin training video. How is it done. I'm not clear on it at all.


Please clarify what you thought you knew and what the video changed about what you thought you knew. The video is just me practicing, it is not a demo.

That's a good question, Sifu. I thought that it was a sudden exhale. A sort of sharp exhale, though i was never sure how to activate it. The video just reinforced my thought that i didn't quite get it.

Thank you for the question brother Michael. I was unclear about the condensing/punctured breath. Thanks to sifu's most awesome class today, I feel for the first time I have somewhat of a feel (however rudimentary) for the punctured breath.

Sifu, I do have a question about the punctured breath.

During the breathing in phase, it feels as if the body is stretching gently against the skeleton, opening up the joints while there is a gentle spiralling around the bones, as the skeleton sits down. But for the punctured breath to happen, it feels like the joints need to release, creating an opposite spiral to the initial spiral, but the joints don't collapse and the skeleton rises. 

Is this expected behaviour for the bones/joints?

Thank you again!

Peace and harmony,

Expand to absorb

Absorb to open

Condense to project

Project to close


I can't help but laugh when you say, "simple", Sifu. lol

Bitter work is required for complete understanding.