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Suspending the crown

Suspending the crown:I've had a few different senses of this. 1. Lifting the rear crown point giving a stretching feeling to the neck and back. (like stretching a hose)2. Releasing in such a way that fullness comes to the back which lifts the crown. (like turning on a water valve give fullness to the hose)I've opted for a combination of the two. Stretching the hose and turning the valve on. Thoughts?


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Sifu is always getting onto me about keeping my crown suspended. I'm not sure if it's a military posture thing or what that I struggle with it, but I've had the advantage of having Sifu adjust me himself. The last time I was with Sifu, I noticed a bit of a pleasant sensation when he would adjust me going from the about the middle of the back of my head down into the c-spine. 

When I'm alone, I look for that feeling-- if I've lost it, then I am aware that my crown isn't suspended. Where I struggle is with movement. I can keep it suspended if I'm still, but then I start moving, and all the other sensations and things overloading the senses, and I forget if I have that "feeling." I guess there is a bigger lesson there on being "present" and how easy it is to lose the present moment. 

Good topic, bro! 

Thanks, Prince. I'm still looking for the feeling to make it all the way down my back. It doesn't usually get much further than between my shoulder blades. I have a feeling all the way down but it doesn't feel directly connected to the stuff going on from the shoulder blades up. When I simply stretch up with the crown, my big toes get a tingle. That doesn't happen with the "turning on the valve" feeling. When I do both, the tingle comes witht the stretch and then, when I add in the feeling of fullness, the tingle doesn't go away but the quality changes to feeling like toes got filled up and the frequency is higher in the tingle. Who knows? Just reporting what I'm feeling. 

it's time to look into the stage 2 lesson on 'suspending vs supporting the crown'.  :) enjoy!