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Dang lower back

I went on a road trip this weekend and my back tightened up a lot. I can't feel a lot of the things that I've been developing lately. my back is so tied up I can't get it to release. did some training last night and I'm just getting to where I can release the lower back a little bit to be able to feel the ming men point, but it feels like a knotted up mess. Lol. train train train


In our training we use circles to understand fullness. Fullness is what the present moment feels like in the body. We also consider this evidence of unification. We all want to have the feeling of progress, that our training is going somewhere, that we are moving along to a destination. Going forward towards the destination is good and moving backwards is bad. Can you see what's coming next? That's right, no judging. Also, there is no destination. The fullness, the completeness of Tai Chi energy is already there. There is nothing to learn or accumulate. Let go.

I see the feeling of progress as if we are a spot of mud on a bicycle wheel. When the wheel turns along with the direction of travel, the mud spot sees progress. When travelling in the opposite direction as the wheel completes the rotation, mud spot feels bad, since all it perceives is the motion of the wheel, not the greater picture of overall movement. Enjoy the ride, the destination is unimportant.

Michael, you had it right, keep training. Over time you will see the bike, the rider and much more. If you hold too much to the idea of destinations and outcomes, you miss the beauty of the ride.

Thanks you so much, Sifu. I appreciate the feedback and encouragement.