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There's a lot that I want to write, but I'm a bit exhausted. I have a new fitness project that I really want to get out quickly...but I will have to talk about it another time. Basically it's all movement--mindful movement. Bodyweight only--no kettlebells involved or any other weight. 

Paul Chek, as part of the holistic lifestyle coach program, recommends everyone do 15 minutes of Tai Chi a day for 100 days. I purchased a Tai Chi ruler to do his macrocosmic breathing exercise, but 15 minutes into it, I realized my movements were the opposite of expand & condense/ project & absorb, so I did the last 5 minutes (I went for 20) the "wrong" way based on Chek's instructions. 

What I noticed during the first 15 minutes was my entire spine felt all knotted/jammed/twisted up. I say it like that because it felt like all 3 of the same time...not a good feeling. It could just be because I have not been practicing enough. My back always got sore when I practice the 103 form and had not been at it regularly. It would normally take a week to stop feeling that soreness. 

I did 10 minutes of wuji that I've been doing most days this week. 

I got another Zhao Cong CD-- love to practice to her pipa music...maybe I will practice & sit more regularly because I copied the CDs to my phone, too.

I had a short e-mail "thing" with a chinese girl who played pipa and danced in the People's Army over in China. Guess I have a thing for girls who play pipa... hmmm... I wonder if Sumiko plays any instruments...oh crap... this blog isn't private! haha

Going to bed now...