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Two yins, two yangs, Expand to absorb/condense to project.

Condense up the legs to project up the back? Some of the things that you say during the recorded classes confuse me. Which means i wasn't clear to begin with, but i am unclear on expand to absorb condense to project.


When the Yin muscle hangs off the bones it draws into the dantien point. When the Yang muscle hangs off the bones it expands from the mingmen point. To absorb is to accept force from hand to foot, down the front and with the body forward. To project is to manifest force from foot to hand, up the back and body backward. The back of the leg is Yin muscle, it condenses. Therefore, condense in order to project. This is the complimentary relationship. To absorb, means expand first. Complimentary energy first.

There are two yins and two yangs, distinguished as above and below the dantien point. To pull with absorb requires the yin muscles of the front of the torso and the yang muscle of the front of the legs. To push with project requires the yin muscle of the legs and the yang muscle of the back.

Bones are neutral, that is they are the center reference of all movement and and contain both yin and yang energy.