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Condense in the legs?

Am I doing something wrong if the base of my hamstrings get very full and tight? Just above and behind the knee.


the tightness you feel may be from your structure aligning better. take your time. remember, we seek to maintain looseness at all times. fullness cannot be too much. so what you are feeling is from your alignment changing. i repeat, take your time changing your posture and alignments. fullness without looseness is just congestion. i have seen students ignore the the ease in their practice and get stuck for years.

Thank you sifu. I will endeavor to look more deeply into looseness.

This feeling makes me want to stretch. When I tuck the hips under, the sinking of my tail bone seems to be connected to the this feeling in my legs. Condensing up the legs this feeling arises. It seems to me to be too tight. Maybe like I'm not condensing enough from the bottom of the feet?

give me some time and i'll address in a video. meanwhile, do the polishing the floor exercise every day for 2 weeks.

Yes sir, will do. Thanks for the response. I look forward to the video.

Holy crap. The backs of my hands and forearms literally hurt from doing the polishing floor. I had to shake them out between height changes.