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ILC Check-In 2 JUN 2014

  • Monday
  • Daria Sergeeva
    Daria Sergeeva

    Hello! 1. Rocking Just rock and feel three points: toes, centers, heels. Recognize how the tension going up when you are on the heel or toes, and how the tension going down when you reach the center. Make the felling of the centers you strongest feeling. 2. South- east-west-north.

    Do it by all hand. You are using only forearm. Your elbow is your center of rotation. You need to make your shoulder as a center of the circle. Stretch up your hand. Do bigger circle. When you do one hand, another better to put on Dantien to feel suction. 3.Waves - all waves: Wrist must be on body line. Your wrists are inside. There's mean NO power of project. Find and see where is your body lines. In excersice feel first how your bones structure is working. Use 13 points of observation to structure yourself. Bone must push bone. Feel the center of each joints.when you feel it well unify the feeling of bones structure with feeling of muscles. When you absorb fell bones as a center plus use your muscles in front to go down.when you project, feel bones structure as a center plus muscles on the back to go up. Not reverse. Side waves: don't go so wide. When the wrist is crossing the body line, your elbow must go in already.

    Wish you the best! and... All what we do we doing REALLY, no imagination.



Regarding confusion. Overall, just keep moving along. Week 3 is an introduction to concepts and principles. Do not try to perfect your movements. The internal feel is built up little by little. Maybe Michael Young can share his experience with the online curriculum. Also, a little confusion increases learning. :)

Bitter Pill Neigong. This exercise should slow down a bit. Slow down to respect the deep immersion this exercise is designed to bring to your body, heart and mind. Try to focus on this immersion and understand how it effects your perceptions. The big soft abdominal breaths should be closely coordinated with the movements. Follow along online to get the pacing. Your coordination of the joints is good.

Some thoughts: 

  • ​In the resting posture, wrists fingers and forearm bones all line up
  • Release the soft tissue more to allow it to pull and stretch against the bones
  • Maintain the vertical forearm feeling as you draw in the ball to the throat
  • Holding the ball gently to drop down the front all the way to dantien, you release it early
  • Feel the progressive stretching on all the joints and especially the wrists with each of the 4 movements

Remember that this exercise is outside the ILC curriculum and is meant to be an "emotional trash compactor" to transform and recover junk energy.

IMPORTANT - If you feel that the exercise agitates instead of calms, this means that the upset you feel is not trash. This condition is what I term 'genuine emotion'. Do not practice the bitter pill if it makes you feel this way. Do another exercise. Seated meditation in open awareness is a great alternative.

Standing meditation. Alignment. Expand on the back of the neck and yao. The front of the body needs to be balanced with the back. You have more emphasis on the front.

Rocking. Just follow along with the lessons. They are designed to help you discover the feeling of unification with yourself as well as introduce ILC termiology. As you build up the internal feel,  the confusion will be less. I have not left anything out. Each week will help clarify the last. Do not try to perfect the lessons, keep moving along.

NSEW Feel shoulders elbows wrist to align the forearms to the opponents center to relax. Do what Dasha said.

Waving - face body square on side to side. drop body down on opening, raise body on closing. fighting stance,  rear foot should be 40 degrees, not 45.

Keep at it! What you are seeking is alredy there.


Hey bro Prince. Great to hear from you and hear about your training. The online training is set up in such a way that the only way to understand where you are currently in a deep way is to move on to the other lessons so that the gaps in your understanding can be filled in. The feel you have of the body now will change as you move on and that will inform the things you have learned in the previous lessons. I am currently rehashing stage two. I watched/trained with all off the lessons more than once. My skill may not reflect that but I have a much clearer vision of where I actually am and sometimes I don't particularly like that. LOL. But, knowing where I am is much sweeter than deluding myself. Keep moving forward, bro. The understanding will come.