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Iliqchuan, the feel, and Sifuondemand

I never joined this site to train in Iliqchuan. My original intent was to learn ancient Chinese secrets in order to give legitimacy to my previous training. Lol. But, as I began training along with Sifu Kelley, I realized that I was already training the Iliqchuan feel. So, I decided that if I ever resumed my previous training it would be from a different view and perspective. Over the last few years I have not been the best student but have done the work enough to begin to get some internal feel. This past week I went for my second visit to Tucson for live training. I only every do solo practice because there are no schools here and I have no one to train with so when I do train with Iliqchuan brothers and sisters it is intense. At this second visit I graded for level one and two. The grading was all about making sure that we are clear on how to train and not about finding fault with our "technique". Thanks to the clarity of sigong Chin's curriculum and Sifu Kelley's teaching via the website and the Urban Retreat Center I fit in with all of the rest of the students as if I had been training in person along with all of them! I passed both student levels with nothing but the training available on this site and what I experienced for two days last year and four days this year. The Iliqchuan family is interested in your success as a student. If you have wondered about how realistic it is to expect to cultivate internal martial art skills via online/distance learning then be sure that, while nothing can replace training with your Sifu in person, your solo practice can bear real/tangible fruit with this curriculum.