Relaxation - Song

Profound Relaxation can only be approached through harmonizing the yin and yang energies of the body. The process of relaxation is called 'song' in chinese. (sounds like sung, sometimes spelled that way). An old translation describes song as:

'What a womans long glossy black hair does when the pins are pulled out, being gently shaken and cascading down the back'.

There is a direct relationship between the refinement and correctness of ones structure and the depth of comprehension of song.

Without structure there can be no separation of yin and yang in the body. Without separation of yin and yang, there is nothing to harmonize. Without harmony there can be no relaxation. In I LIq Chuan relaxation is defined as the dynamic balance (harmony) of yin and yang.

Profound relaxation grows from the feeling and understanding that there is no limit to the refinement of the structure and clear separation of yin and yang.