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Throwing hands and soreness in the yin cavities

Anytime I train throwing hands, I have a slight soreness in the yin cavities of my arms for a few days. It's not painful. From what I understand this is a normal experience when conditioning the white tissues. Is this right?


Engaging in authentic Neijia training means knowing the difference between good pain and bad pain. If you have ever experienced injury rehab, you know that it hurts to regain posture, strength and flexibility. This is good pain. Bad pain is when, after two days, the affected tiessue is tender or has significant swelling. When we engage in neigong, we want to touch on our limits, but not break them. The saying is, "The boundary of effective training is feels like touching a translucent rice paper screen, loose ting jin and the paper tears." Tears are bad pain. Listen very closely  when performing neigong.