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Fun from today's training.

Proper engagement of the point of contact and the rest of the structure is necessary to harmonize with and developing control of the opponent.


So after sharing this video on several Facebook forums, there have been very positive responses. While I can tell that there are things that I could do to improve the qualities that I was demonstrating, many people were able see and appreciate the depth and efficacy of the training we have here. People with real skill were impressed with the clarity that was demonstrated. I will do this again, and also during spinning hands, while maintaining more spherical fullness. In other words, recognizing the wrapping more completely.

When you move from defense to offense, be more clear on maintaining the flow. This will help you use the neutral line as a reference and help you become more precise. Your big toe energy needs to be maintained on the rear foot more, especially on absorb to pull.

Thank you, Sifu! I will look into those things and report back with another video. I did recognize that my awareness of the big toe, and the triangle energy was lost during the demo.