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The Neutral Feel

Sifu, I have a question about the neutral feel. I feel like I'm getting a better understanding of it. It seems to feel empty. Like my limbs are hollowed out. But it is brief and then fades. I seem to lose that feeling. I tend to want to emphasize the yin tissue too much. But am I on the right path?


Can you describe how it feels when you change from yin movement to yang movement? Are you doing anything special with the breath? For now, inhale on the yin movement (body down) and exhale on the yang (body up).

Since Michael and mines last meeting a few days ago, I've noticed more of a relaxing stretch up the back of the legs when changing from yin to yang movement, this will pull on my empty on the feet, then release through the legs up the back. Of course it comes and goes and I feel like I'm cutting it off. I will feel my finger tips want to buzz more than I've noticed before, but that's about all I'm aware of at this point, besides a hollowed out feel in my arms and hands when projecting (or doing what I think is projecting). As for my breath, nothing special accept for sinking the breath, I always do my best to breathe to perineum when training or even throughout the day.

The neutral Suchness Feel will come naturally from training. As you understand how to generate power from Tai Chi principles it will be obvious. Do not chase your current idea of neutral. Let your current understanding go. Do not try to 'do' or 'capture' it. Simply focus on the exercise and nothing else.

Absorb-Project while waving is to explore relaxing with the cycle of yin and yang. Try to feel the change complete from hand to foot and foot to hand before the arms change direction. The hollow feeling and buzzing sensations are unimportant and will pass.

This will help you clarify Yi->Qi->Li.

I appreciate your sound advice. I've begun applying that to my training. I can tell a difference already in how I make the movement. I'll be more mindful of this.