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Moving With Relaxation

In my training I'm feeling more of a relaxation when projecting. This video demonstrates the difference in how I was cycling before, and what I feel I've progressed to. From what you can see, where would I be blocking at? I do feel like I'm cutting off project still, or maybe simply feeling my limits? Any other critiquing is appreciated as always Sifu! (Ignore intro music, thought I took it out haha.)


This is a nice contribution to your personal training record. You will look back and enjoy seeing this stage of your understanding. Thank you!

Remember to increase your precision. Watch your crown point. It's not quite as consistent as it could be. The 13 points tell you if you are within your limits of strength. Use them. :)

Thank you Sifu. I'll be more mindful of my crown, I also want to roll my shoulders forward really bad a lot, but paying more attention to that as well. The deeper I go into my training, the more humbled I become. Thanks again Sifu.

Present, Formless, Neutral.

Thank you for the kind words, however, beware of judging yourself, as it doesn't help the training process. Try to recognize the shoulders without forming an opinion. Forming opinions is not helpful to the process. :) I mean these words as kindly suggetions, rather than as criticism, (hence the repeated smileys.)