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Strange stretching sensation

So, one of things that has frustrated me through the last couple years of my training is becoming more aware that my breath/breathing was not able to reach my perineum. Sure, the was some slight sensation but mostly I ended up with increased pressure and agitation my solar plexus. As much I can, I've been following Sifu's instructions and I've recently been aware of some new feelings. When I relax in a new way and use the relaxed belly to make room for the breath as I inhale, I feel a stretch in my back just below the kidneys. The stretch feels like the tissues are trying to move upward while the breath pulls downward on the front. It feels like it's stuck. It seems like it should be moving more but it reels back when I exhale.


keep training. as you continue to make more room inside. this pressure will become less inhibited. be very gentle. patience is good too.